My Creative Days Scrapbooking



In today’s post I would like to share this scrapbook page and the template for the scrapbooking classes I teach in my home each month. The page was created with pictures of my granddaughter Ashley. We shared an Easter egg hunt in our backyard on Sunday, where I was able to capture these wonderful pictures.


When I share my creations with others, I hear time and time again, “I am not creative and could never do that.” The truth is we are all creative. God’s word shares we were created in his image. One of God’s attributes is to create. So why would he not equip us with the same ability? Now granted, some of us have more creativity than others, but we all possess creativity in our make up.


I find that creativity flows freely through me when I use a map as a guide. My spiritual map is the Bible, and my creative map is the template. Today’s page began with the template pictured here. All of creation began with a plan. God’s plan from the beginning was to have a relationship with me. From the beginning, I was chosen and loved by the great “I am”.







I emailed this template to each of my class participants at the beginning of the month. They each know what direction our class will follow, how many pictures needed, their size, the overall theme, a list of supplies, and a technique that will be taught. The template offers an opportunity to prepare for the lesson. Reaching my desired destination in life is found in my willingness to prepare. Often the process begins with the simple belief that with God all things are possible. Belief is vital to accomplishing any task in this life or the one thereafter.


Stay tuned, tomorrow I will break down the page and teach you how to create one of your own. Trusting your day will be filled with a little creativity of your own.


Dacia Smith




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